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  1. Hey Angie and Chris, and sweet Ruby,

    Your work continues to inspire me in my daily creative explorations into life and art. At least once in every class I teach, I find myself referring to some nugget of thoughtfulness or playfulness I recall from the Dwell workshop last August. So fun! The practice of performance improvisation has found a place in my heart. Many thanks to the two of you.

    When I returned home to Guelph my cup was overflowing with tangible moments that aided in my involvement with the Guelph Jazz Festival and Nuit Blanche in September 2010. I participated in the colloquium performance of the jazz festival entitled ‘Bodies moving/moving bodies; music, dance and chance.’ My partner, Ben Grossman played (hurdy gurdy) as well as Germaine Liu (percussion) and Jeff Reilly (bass clarinet). For Nuit Blanche I set a structure for a performance improvisation that ran from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. When we returned home, our children were just waking from their restful slumber… Since then I’ve been in the process of setting up a monthly music and dance improv. performance series. Perhaps soon once we’re up and running I can bring you guys here.
    Please check out the jazz festival and icasp, the brainchild of Ajay Heble, the jazz festival’s artistic director. Music is at it’s core, but that could be broadened…

    I hope your holidays were peaceful and restful,

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