Performance and Improvisation Intensive

Have you ever had moments in performance when things seemed to be happening in slow motion, when your movements feel in tune and your mind is alert and relaxed at the same time? You are simultaneously aware of the audience, yourself and your fellow performers as part of an interconnected whole. The ability to sense, to imagine and to create through movement feels effortless in these times. This intensive is designed to lead us toward heightened states of being in performance. Through training, students will develop greater confidence in their ability to respond intelligently and poetically to what is happening around them. Classes will include training in compositional improvisation, performance awareness, movement invention and the tuning of one’s reflexes. (Aiken/Hauser)

Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is a movement form that offers opportunities to experience heightened states of being – times when we feel fearless and alive. There are no recipes to create these moments, but training can lay the foundation for physical and emotional breakthroughs. In this workshop, the artists are interested in developing reflexes, coordination, and the capacity to continually recycle mental and physical energies back into the dancing. At the core is the commitment to staying with the modulation of tone and weight in the body, so that the touch remains alive. Aiken & Hauser bring a combined 35 years of experience practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation–this produces classes that teach the principles at the foundation of contact improvisation, and which share an ongoing oral history of the form. All levels welcome; please come with questions, energy and commitment to playful, imaginative dancing.(Aiken/Hauser)

Dance Technique Workshop

This technique class focuses on integrating physical and creative articulation. Building coordination, strength and articulation allows us to dance to the fullest that we imagine without hesitation. As we call on our training to embody our ideas we find the cycle continues as the movement itself inspires our creative imagination. Each part of this class is in response to the individual dancer’s desire to integrate her abilities with her imagination. The class consists of an eclectic mix of energy work, somatic information, postmodern dance technique, improvisation and quirky phrase work. The movement material focuses on moving in and out of the floor with ease and strength, spatial clarity, and detailed articulations. Hauser’s material reflects the influences of her extensive training in ballet, contact improvisation and post modern choreography. (Hauser)

DWELL: Improvising Home

A composition workshop

This workshop focuses on composition and dance improvisation, centered around the process of transforming space into place, and creating worlds for our imaginations to dwell. The artists approach this by engaging in an eclectic collection of activities, including dancing, improvising, building, designing and observing. Expand your awareness of how to compose and gain new perspectives and approaches to composing. All levels welcome. (Aiken/Hauser)


3 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Hi, I have wanted to study with you for quite sometime. so I was looking for something i could come to . I also was excited you are coming to smith. i used to live in noho. and now live 2and half hours away. i live in the catskills now. keep me updated for sure!

    best, rose oceania

  2. Hi Chris and Angie,
    So enjoyed when you were at CU this fall. Is Chris teaching in Montreal this winter? I thought it would be a great experience for me over my winter break! Angie are you teaching anywhere soon?
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Mandy,
      Yes Chris will be teaching in Montreal with Peter Bingham, Marc Bovin and Andrew Harwood. It is the 10th anniversary of the intensive and promises to be a special one.
      The dates are Jan 3 – 9 in Montreal, QC
      10e Anniversaire du stage intensif d’hivers AH HA Productions

      I am touring Bebe Miller Company’s new piece this spring and summer and doing related teaching.


      Hope you are well.

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