Angie Hauser

Angie Hauser is a dance-artist and teacher . Her work and research is grounded by the questions of improvisation, performance and collaboration.  Since 2000, Angie has been a member of the Bebe Miller Company (USA).  In 2006 Angie was awarded a BESSIE (N.Y. Dance and Performance Award) for Creation and Choreography for her work with Bebe Miller Company.  Her dancemaking projects include collaborations with many gifted artists including Chris Aiken, K.J. Holmes, Darrell Jones, Andrew Harwood and Kathleen Hermesdorf. She has also danced with the companies of Elizabeth Streb, Liz Lerman and Poppo Shiriashi. She has taught dance technique, dancemaking, contact improvisation, improvisation throughout North America as well as Switzerland, Germany, France and Scotland. Angie received her MFA in dance from the Ohio State University and holds a BA in Art History from University of South Carolina. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Smith College in the Department of Dance where she teaches choreography, creative process, improvisation and dance technique.


Degrees of Freedom, collaboration with Chris Aiken and musician Mike Vargas. Upcoming performances: The Dance Place, Washington DC, Fall 2015

Transfera duet with dance artist Jennifer Nugent.

Slow/slip, choreography by Paul Matteson.  Performances in Spring 2015 at Amherst College, A.P.E. Gallery, Northampton, MA, and Movement Research Spring Festival.

Transfera duet with dance artist Jennifer Nugent.

TWO, a Motion Bank score project in collaboration with Nora Zuniga-Shaw, Maria Palazzi and Bebe Miller Company.

Dance Fort, ebook.

Bebe Miller Company’s “Landing/Place” with Kathleen Hermesdorf, Darrell Jones, Angie Hauser, David Thomson, Kathleen Fisher. Photo by Julieta Cervantes.


Some raw footage from Angie’s technique class at Bates Dance Festival 2014:

Adam Crawley musician


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