THANK YOU Dance Place

December 8, 2015

Dear Dance Place,

Thank you for a wonderful residency!  From the most fabulous director (Carla Perlo) to the newest intern, each person we interacted with was smart, hard working and a lover of dance and performance.  We were able to create a work that was made for your beautiful theater with guidance and support of Ben Levine and the hard working crew.

We had the great opportunity to work with local dance artists that not only made a beautiful work of their own (in the lobby before the show) but provided a collaborative laboratory for us to workshop our material in preparation for the performance. Thank you Don Andress, Chelsea Boyd Brown, Lynne Price, Jayna Resman, Katie Sopoci Drake, and Ginger Wagg.

We also worked with the Dance Exchange to offer a workshop on Saturday that was packed with almost 30 eager participants.  Thank you to Matthew Cumbie for making this happen.  It was great to see familiar faces and new ones alike.

All and all it was a great week with great people and great work.


Chris and Angie


Here is a time lapse of the stage set up:


And photos by Jonathan Hsu

“The Blue Jacket” directed by Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser with musicians Andre Gribou and Roger Braun.  Lighting by Ben Levine and Joy Davis. December 2015 @ Dance Place

Copy of C_A Dance Place-26 Copy of C_A Dance Place-223 Copy of C_A Dance Place-430 Copy of C_A Dance Place-468 Copy of C_A Dance Place-584



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