Where can you find Chris and Angie this summer…

Angie is performing at the Movement Research Gala with Darrell Jones.  June 8 2015

Chris and Angie will be at the Bearnstow Dance Research Exchange June 22 – 27

Chris and Angie are teaching and performing at the American Dance Festival July 5 – 27, in North Carolina:

Angie is teaching with Bebe Miller, Darrell Jones and Talvin Wilks at the Bebe Miller Company Dancemaking Intensive in Ohio.   July 27 – August 1st.  ***THERE ARE STILL OPENINGS FOR THIS INTENSIVE.  Go to link above for more info.***

Chris and Angie teach their annual Dance Improvisation and Performance Intensive at Earthdance.  ***A FEW SPOTS LEFT. EXPERIENCE WITH DANCE IMPROVISATION AND PERFORMANCE NEEDED.  CONTACT ANGIE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED***

  • movement research, improvisation technique and scores, composition and performance
  • Performance Friday August 14, Northampton MA

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