Location: Frankfurt





In June 2012 Angie spent two weeks in Frankfurt with Bebe Miller Company working on the Motion Bank Project “TWO”.  A great residency thanks to the Forsythe Company and Motion Bank.

Rehearsal at FrankfurtLAB with Bebe, Talvin, Angie and DarrellFrankfurt 17

Our beloved stage manager Cody ChenFrankfurt 15 Talking/Talking with Talvin sitting in for AngieFrankfurt 14 Bebe in the subwayFrankfurt 13 Working out the new sectionFrankfurt 12 The ladies on the tram:  Lily, Angie, BebeFrankfurt 11 The gentlemen: Talvin and DarrellFrankfurt 10 RehearsalFrankfurt 8
Frankfurt 5 Frankfurt 4 Frankfurt 3 Frankfurt 6