Upcoming Events

Bebe Miller Company at Weslyan University

Angie Hauser and Darrell Jones in "History"

Angie will be performing with Bebe Miller Company November 18 & 19

at Weslyan (CT).  For tickets and more information click HERE.

Smith College Faculty Dance Concert

Works by Chris Aiken, Merce Cunningham, Rodger Blum and Marilyn Sylla.  Click HERE for more information.

November 17 – 19

Theatre 14, Mendenhall Center for the Performing Arts, Smith College
8:00 pm

Reflex Arc in New York City

2 – Day Contact Improvisation Workshop with Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser

Contact Improvisation is a movement form that offers opportunities to experience heightened states of being – times when we feel fearless and alive. There are no recipes to create these moments, but training can lay the foundation for physical and emotional breakthroughs. In this workshop we are specifically interested in developing our reflexes, our coordination, and the capacity to continually recycle our mental and physical energies back into the dancing. At the core is the commitment to staying with the modulation of tone and weight in the body – so that the touch remains alive.

Come with questions, energy and commitment to playful, imaginative dancing.

Some experience with Contact Improvisation or dance training is suggested.  Please contact us if you have questions about the material or level (ciworkshopadmin@gmail.com; angiehauser3@earthlink.net)
2 Sessions:
Sat Nov 26, 11-3 PM
Sun Nov 27, 11-3 PM
(Please arrive 15 min. early for each)

Price: $70 for both

OR if paying individually:

$45 for for Sat   /  $45 for Sun

Red Bean Studio
(b/w 8TH& 9TH AVES)
Loft #702, 7th Floor, BUZZER #14

To reserve your place, please:
·      RSVP at ciworkshopadmin@gmail.com soon,


send a single deposit check of $20
(check payable to ‘Edwin Adkins’)
to this address:

Edwin Adkins
Attn: Aiken / Hauser Workshop
PO Box 250051
NY, NY 10025


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