Location: Moab, Utah

Chris and I finished our 5 day workshop here in Moab Utah.  It was a lovely collection of dancers from Colorado, California, New York, Chicago and more.  We focused on principles of Contact Improvisation, ideas of gesture, expanding how we use our spines, awareness, and ease.  We had several nice “non dance” experiences as well:  meals together, a discussion, and hike to the slickrock area of Moab.  Thank you to Gretchen Spiro for her wonderful organizing and facilitating.  Thanks also to Todd, Alicia, Steve, Lauraina, Uncle Roo, Carly and all the WEX people for your work.

We are staying in Moab through Sunday to be jam hosts at the Moab Jam.  We look forward to some more dancing and lots more nature.

Here is a photo of our outside adventure during the workshop.

Moab, Utah 2011