Thanks Chicago!

Chris and I just finished an excellent research trip to Chicago, IL.  We were there for the blizzard so we missed a lot of our planned activities but still managed to do some good work. We spent time at the Art Institute of Chicago looking at the Joseph Cornell collection.  We also spent a lot of time with new collaborator Nathan Ruyle conceiving the look, feel and mechanics of Uthopia Parkway.  Luckily Nathan was snowed in THREE extra days so we had his captive attention.

A few very important thank yous:
To Links Hall, NPN and Marwen for making the trip possible through the NPN Community Fund Grant.  Special thanks for Roell for all her work on the details.

To the beautiful and amazingly hospitable Pam Crutchfield for housing us, including many snow bound meetings and endless Ruby running around.

To Chuck Thurow for a wonderful dinner party (and delicous food.)

And a very special thanks to Lindy Bergman for her time, stories and wonderful collection of art.

As always thanks to Chris for being such an inspiring collaborator.







One thought on “Thanks Chicago!

  1. I echo the comments made by Angie. We learned so much by stepping into the worlds of visual art and media art. Nathan Ruyle has been a delight to work with and with the help of Roelle from Links hall we met many incredible people. Pam Crutchfield was incredibly inspiring, both as a person and as a supporter of dance and art. She welcomed us into her home for a week. We talked daily about dance and art and culture.

    Many thanks to Lindy Bergman for her interest in our project and generous offer to spend time with Angie and I and for Chuck Thurow for connecting us to so many interesting people.

    Thanks to Angie as well for her wit and insight as we navigate this new project. Looking forward to March!


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