SaltDanceFest 2011

Chris and Angie will be teaching and performing

in Salt Lake City

June 2011

Please go to the website for more information and registration.

The first annual SaltDanceFest brings together internationally renowned dance artists Eiko & Koma, Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser, and Teri & Oliver Steele for two weeks of moving, collaborating and dancemaking, May 31–June 10. The festival is a creative laboratory to nurture artists and dancers in a supportive environment of experimentation, exploration, investigation, curiosity and collaboration.

SaltDanceFest allows participants to work intimately with the guest artists on the development and exploration of ideas in dance and motion. SaltDanceFest will be broken into three sets of daily classes that participants self select, that include: 1) contemporary technique/movement exploration (Aiken, Hauser and Steele); 2) creative process, composition and choreography (all artists); 3) Delicious Movement workshop (Eiko & Koma); and 4) creation of new work on participants (Aiken, Hauser and Steele), complete class information follows. The workshop/festival will culminate in a performance of the guest artists’ new works (Aiken, Hauser and Steele), and selected works created by the participants made in the creative process, composition and choreography classes. In addition, there will be formal concert performances and lectures by the guest artists, an improv jam, and social events.


One thought on “SaltDanceFest 2011

  1. Greetings! I am thrilled you are coming to SLC to perform in a couple days… I will be there with bells on my toes. Utah needs your mad skills!
    A fellow Minnesotan magnetized to Utah for the past couple decades,
    Emmy Thomson

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