les 1000 et une – the thousand and one

First Contact Improvisation Festival

in Grenoble, French Alps

8- 14 Novembre 2010

Laisse tomber tes feuilles d’automne…

Come and dance your 1001 colors


Chris Aiken will be teaching an intensive at this festival in Gernoble, France.

The Poetics of Contact

This is a workshop for dancers who are committed to expanding their knowledge and practice of Contact Improvisation.

Our focus will be to deepen our physical skills while connecting our perceptual awareness with our poetic imagination. We will use a variety of approaches including skill work, perceptual tuning, somatic exploration, and the use of the imagination.

This class combines a highly energized physical practice with detailed awareness work that is informed by years of research into the Alexander Technique, connective tissue research (i.e. Structural Integration), ideokinesis and the study of neurophysiology. Ultimately our goal will be to have dances which leave us feeling connected to ourselves, each other and our environment. Our use of the imagination is not to escape from the physical practice but to connect us more deeply to the ecological realities of living in the world.



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