14th Annual Moab Jam

Chris and Angie will be teaching at
the 14th Annual Moab Jam in Moab Utah

Saturday May 22 to Wednesday May 26, 2010

This is an advanced level workshop for dancers who are committed to expanding their knowledge and practice of Contact Improvisation. Our focus will be to deepen our skills while connecting our perceptual awareness with our poetic imagination. We believe that emotional presence and clarity are essential to create a supportive environment for this kind of exploration.

We use a variety of approaches including skill work, perceptual tuning, open dancing, and imaginative practices designed to teach students how to engage more fully with their partners.

We define advanced contact as the development of a highly refined sensory and movement practice which makes possible passionate, safe, committed dancing. This is different than simply being able to execute physical skills. It means being able to open oneself to what is happening and courageously exploring new ways of dancing.

It takes courage not to fall into habitual ways of dancing and perceiving. To be free within the dancing we need to some times say no to our impulse. This means caring for ourselves and the dance.

Contact is more than a physical practice. It is the continual joint exploration of that permeable boundary between the real and the imaginary—the laws of physics combined with the curiosity and playfulness of our hearts and minds.

Experience Level
Advanced level in CI required — This means being able to fall safely from any level, take weight, follow the point of contact, move upside down, and being comfortable with disorientation. Also, being able to modulate the physical tone of your body in relation to your partner and the demands of the dancing. Finally, it means being committed to being emotionally clear and present while practicing contact, accepting responsibility for your own safety. Typically dancers take CI classes steadily for at least 3 years before they begin to move proficiently at an advanced level of practice. It is important for the congruency and safety of the group that all those who apply for this workshop are truly confident at this level of practice.

Contact the organizers if you have any questions about whether this workshop is the right level for you. dance@moabjam.com



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