EDAM presents Chris Aiken

Sense, imagination, contact and improvisation
A workshop with American guest artist Chris Aiken

February 8-12, 2010 9:30am-12:30pm
$200 (plus GST)

In these classes we will focus on the borders where our imagination meets our capacities to sense ourselves and the world. From this place it becomes possible to shift fluidly back and forth between the poetic and the physical. Somatic information (i.e. based upon my work with the Alexander Technique, Rolfing and Ideokinesis) will be combined with compositional and movement practices, to create inspired dancing. Open to all levels.

Chris Aiken is a leading international teacher and performer of dance improvisation and contact improvisation. His work is informed by questions and explorations surrounding themes of perception, imagination, dance, architecture, ecology, somatics, and aesthetic theory. He has received numerous awards for his work, including a Guggenheim Fellowship. He is tenured professor and co-director of the dance program at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania.

To register send a non-refundable cheque/money order for $50, payable to EDAM, to:
EDAM Dance, 303 East 8th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5T 1S1

information: 604-876-9559

Improvisation by
Peter Bingham
American guest artist Chris Aiken
musicians Coat Cooke and Clyde Reed
lighting designer/operator James Proudfoot

February 4 at Victoria’s Metro Theatre
February 12 and 13 at EDAM

Unwinding is like a jazz ensemble. The evening’s story unfolds and develops through the expertise of the performers and their relationship with each other, the music and the environment. An astute sense of timing is crucial.

This ensemble has worked together many times since the early nineties, and each member has an accumulation of melodies and memories to draw upon to help create the evening’s work. The music, the dance, the lighting – all are equal partners in this improvisation.

Peter Bingham and Chris Aiken have firmly established themselves as leading figures in the world of dance improvisation. Over the course of their careers, they have worked with many of the prominent figures in this field, including Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Simone Forti and Andrew Harwood. They have both danced professionally for over twenty-five years, taking part in countless festivals and performances throughout the world.

Bingham and Aiken are true masters of the duet form, Contact Improvisation. In their past performances, they have delighted audiences with their effortless athleticism and sensitive dancing. Join Bingham and Aiken as they reunite to dance together once again. Two veteran performers, two great friends — come and see their latest collaboration.

For tickets/info re the Victoria performance at the Metro Theatre, contact 1-888-717-6121 or 250-386-6121 or rmts.bc.ca

Tickets to the shows at EDAM are $15 if purchased in advance or $20 at the door. Advance tickets can be purchased at EDAM from 9:30am-5pm from Feb 8-12. We accept cash or cheques; sorry, no credit cards. For further information call 604-876-9559


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